The surgical unit is equipped with a surgical suite with hi-tech surgical and support equipment such as anaesthetic machine, oxygen delivery equipment, Electrocautery and Cryosurgery equipment for simple and complicated surgeries. We are dedicated to optimizing patient outcomes. We do this by assembling teams that provide the best possible care for your pet.

Our veterinary surgeons will work together to determine the least invasive and most effective procedures for your pet, whether it's a spay, neuter, or more complicated dog or cat surgery to treat arthritis, dog hip dysplasia, fracture repair and other conditions.

During surgery, anaesthesia and cardiovascular monitoring are important, integral aspects of every surgery we perform. Your pet will be closely monitored while under anaesthesia by one of our highly trained veterinary staff. For this reason, your pet has access to the best and most advanced anaesthetic administration and cardiovascular monitoring equipment and protocols available. 


At Petcare Animal Hospital, we have been offering 24 hour service for over 20 years, our veterinary surgeons are trained and experienced professionals to offer medical and surgical emergency. We also offer specialised services such care Neonatal puppy care, Blood transfusion, Cardiology, Dermatology and other. We receive referrals from other veterinary clinics and hospitals.